2018 Summer Season

Cedar City

The Neil Simon Festival will be holding an open audition in Cedar City, Utah on Saturday, December 16 2017 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Auditions will be

held at the Heritage Center Theatre, Cedar City, Utah. No appointment necessary. Non-equity actors are encouraged to audition.


We are casting our summer company of actors to be on-site in Cedar City, UT from May 29 – August 12, 2018. All actors are expected to perform a minimum of two roles during the summer. Housing is provided along with a modest stipend. Actors should prepare a 60-second comedic or seriocomic monologue from a Neil Simon play, and a 60-second comedic or seriocomic monologue from a contemporary play. Actors may also prepare 16 bars from a Broadway musical (preferably from the Golden Age of Broadway) to perform either a capella or with digital accompaniment (iPod, CD, etc.). Actors are reminded to bring their headshot along with their resume.


The 2018 Summer Season includes:

• Biloxi Blues

• Jake’s Women

• Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

• A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

• William Blake in Hollywood (Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest Winner 2017)


Casting Breakdown


Jake (40-60) M - A writer in the latter stage of a midlife crisis.

Maggie (35-50) F - Jake’s second (current) wife.

Karen (40-50) F - Jake’s sister.

Young Molly (10-15) F - Jake’s daughter at 12.

Older Molly (17-25) F - Jake’s daughter at 21.

Julie (20-35) F - Jake’s first wife.

Edith (30-70) F - Jake’s therapist.

Sheila (30-50) F - Jake’s girlfriend.



Eugene Jerome (18-25) M - A writer and the narrator of the show.

Roy Selridge (18-25) M - A confident man who thinks of himself as funny.

Joseph Wykowski (19-26) M - Big and tough - but not too smart and somewhat bigoted.

Don Carney (18-25) M - A private from New Jersey who irritates his bunkmates with his singing.

Arnold Epstein (18-25) M - A sensitive and intelligent Jewish guy from New York City.

Sgt. Toomey (35-50) M - Big and tough. Old school “Army”

James Hennesy (18-24) M - Tough. Part African American, but not noticeably.

Rowena (30-40) F - A world-wise, Southern prostitute.

Daisy Hannigan (16-24) F - A USO dancer and Eugene's first love.



Pseudolus This role is cast.

Hero (18-30) M - Tenor. The handsome young son of Senex and Domina.

Philia (18-30) F - Soprano. Virginal Cretan girl. Courtesan-in-training.

Hysterium (18-50) M - Tenor/Baritone The chief slave of Senex and Domina.

Senex (35-75) M - Baritone. Henpecked Husband.

Domina (25-55) F - Mezzo. Battle-ax wife of Senex.

Marcus Lycus (25-60) M - Baritone. Owner of the brothel next door to Senex.

Miles Gloriosus (25-35) M - Tenor/Baritone. A great warrior and captain in the Roman army.

Erronius (40+) M - A befuddled old man living next door to Senex.

Gymnasia (18-35) F/M - One of Lycus’s courtesans. Strong dancer.

Panacea (18-35) F - Another of Lycus’s courtesans. Strong dancer.

Vibrata (18-35) F - A wild, vibrant courtesan. Strong dancer.

The Geminae (18-35) F - Twin courtesans. Strong dancer.

Proteans (18+) M&F - Trio who play multiple roles.



Vanya (50s) M - Living in Bucks County. Resigned to his life, more or less.

Sonia (50s) F - His adopted sister. Discontent, upset, regretful.

Masha (50s) F - His sister. Glamorous and successful actress.

Spike (27) M - An aspiring actor. Sexy. Self-absorbed.

Nina (20s) F - Lovely, sincere would be actress.

Cassandra (20+) F - Cleaning lady and soothsayer.



Synopsis: A British Professor who has written a compelling biography about English visionary

poet and painter, William Blake, is lured to Hollywood on the possibility of adapting his work into

screenplay. But, when a young woman gains entry to the writer’s bungalow, the present mirrors

the past and the romantic sparks begin to fly!

Angus Hewitt (45-55) M - An Oxford don.

Crystal Dombrowski (25-35) F - A screen-writer

Alfred Kleinholz (50-60) M - A brash studio head

Waiter (30-50) M - Nosy and mischievous.